Just Around The Zoo

1990 - 1991

Geneva, Switzerland

Short Story :

In 1990, José (guitar), Fabien (drums), Mark (guitar/vocals) and Alicia (bass) met, and decided to form a band.
After a while, Mark dropped the guitar to give this task to Jean-Claude, who joined the band as a second guitarist.
Soon after, Jeff joined as a backing singer and third guitarist. For a while, a few musicians joined and left.
After a few months, they did a small concert in a squat (rue du Fort-Barreau).
Early 1991, José (guitar), Mark (bass/vocal), Jean-Claude (guitar) and Fabien (drums)
dropped the other musicians, and having found their style, decided to form a new band :
The Moonsquatters

Members :

Lost And Found

Just Around The Zoo - Lost And Found

1. I Can Not
2. No More Dreams
3. Hoy Por Ultima Vez
4. The Names
5. I'm Alive
6. Fisherman
7. I'll Never Let You Go

Never released

Recorded in 1991

All tracks where recorded in 1991, on a standard 
cassette recorder
Cassette Recorder
, during rehearsal.