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Created by José Garrido

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This site allow you to store your favorites links on the Internet.
So, they would be available from any computer
(at home, at work, at a friend's, on holiday ...).


This site has been writen using a text editor (Notepad).
No other dévelopement tool had been used.
(neither Frontpage, DreamWeaver, ...)

Thus, the code is optimized

It is written in PHP, a server side script language
(similar to ASP or JSP).

It uses MySQL, a relational database.

The creation of accounts is entirely automated.
An e-mail is generated and sent to the user from the server.
Thus, the user's address e-mail is checked.

How to use it

You can create a free account by clicking the button
"Create FREE account"

An e-mail containing a link, is automatically sent to you.
To activate your account, just click on that link.

To create / remove folders, click on "Add Folder" / "Del Folder"

Then, you can add your links in the diferent folders.
Give a name to the link.
Indicate the URL (ex: http://www.garrido.ch).
Select the right folder.

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